Junior Frontend Developer


This is not a website frontend development role, you’ll mainly be maintaining, simplifying and improving our in-house custom built end-to-end ERP software as well as creating UX/UI for the SaaS version of it.


Someone available during business hours on weekdays.

Strong communication skills and patience; you will be talking to our people daily, some tech savvy, some not at all, whether it is about a new feature that we’re planning or helping them use our software.

Someone with an eye for detail and good user interfaces, with the skills to illustrate it on any format (even paper, Sketch/Framer/Adobe XD only take a couple of days to learn and this is what we usually use).

Good knowledge of HTML & CSS, you must be able to build basic frontend interfaces.

General knowledge of javascript (and the will to learn and take this to the next level).

A can-do attitude, you mustn't be scared of poking our legacy backend beast when there is a bug.

A little experience with any version of any javascript written framework (Vue, Angular, React, Aurelia) is a plus as well as any frontend related UI kits or libraries (vuetify, bootstrap etc.)

Experience or knowledge of PHP is a plus as well.


You won’t just be working on our legacy app, you’ll also help us develop the new and improved marketable version. That means, you’ll get your hands on the latest cool techs, here’s an overview of the libraries / tools our starter-app uses: Feathersjs (node+express) + Mongodb + protocol buffered backend and a Vue + Vuex (state management similar to rxjs) + Socket-io real time frontend. We’re using Typescript and hosting all our latest work in the cloud using Kubernetes on Linode.

Flexible working hours, work from home is possible. Workload managed with SCRUM, you set your own goals.

You’ll feel at home with our amazing team of caring and genuine people.

There’s no routine at Naveya & Sloane, this is a varied role with room for growth in every direction.

This is an entry level position and due to salary requirements you must be a New Zealand resident in order to apply. 
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