The bond of kindred souls.

A bold design, the smooth contours emphasise a striking and weighty presence held on the hand. Derived from the exploration of freedom and togetherness, the piece is an ode to the beauty and strength of love beyond constraint. Whether a romantic soul connection, a family tie, or a self-love celebration; the Lovers Knot is for all and binds the significance of a personal story in an enfolding embrace.


Strong sculptural composition is humbled by graceful curves in the Lovers Knot ring.

Designed to nurture the wearer, the organic flow mimics the fluidity of fabric; soft cloth flowing freely together, creating the form of a knot. Iconic to the brand, the knots symbol represents the intertwining of two journeys, an unbreakable bond between two people.

“The Lovers Knot ring bonds kindred souls together through a promise to live and love freely with an open heart.”

Creative Director, Rachel Sloane

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