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The Secret Spark

The Secret Spark is a special touch we include in our wedding bands. It's a discreet small diamond or gemstone set on the inside of the ring, unseen when worn, adding a hint of romance and personalisation. What will you choose? A matching one for your set, or perhaps a surprise for each other? Whichever path you take, the Secret Spark adds an extra layer of significance to your wedding bands. We look forward to hearing the story behind your selection!


Our made-to-order service lets us craft your wedding band to perfectly suit you and your partner. Do you share a secret nickname or a cute couple joke? Maybe you'd like to commemorate the date you’re saying I do. Our hand engraving service, available on our wedding bands, offers this personal touch. Whether you prefer a discreet inscription on the inside of your wedding ring or a bold statement on the outside, our exceptional design team will assist you in choosing the option that aligns with your vision.

Made To Order

At Naveya & Sloane, our made-to-order service for wedding bands encompasses a world of personalised possibilities. You have the freedom to tailor every aspect of your wedding band to reflect your unique style and preferences. Choose from a selection of precious metals, platinum, 18k yellow gold, red and white gold. Additionally, our wedding band collection offers a range of natural and lab-grown diamond options, allowing you to select the perfect diamonds to suit your vision and budget. For those drawn to colourful alternatives, we also offer a variety of stunning gemstones to adorn your wedding band, adding a touch of individuality and charm. With our made-to-order service, your wedding band becomes a personalised masterpiece that embodies your love story in every detail.

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